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Welcome to the lemon tree cattery

Who are we ?


Everything started back in 2012 when my mother adopted a cat I was always spending time with her.

Then I discovered the Maine Coon in 2016 and it's big size and it's charm got me in love and I started to get more and more passionate about this breed.

I learned all about their standards and their genetics and then I got a breeding liscence called "CCAD" in french.





                       HEALTH BEFORE ANYTHING 

Our cats and kittens are fed with the best quality cat food on the market and raw meat to guarantee them a healthy source of protein.

Our Maine Coons are raised in the best ethical condition, good food, a lot of love and quality care.

Our cats are regularly checked by our veteranian to make sure everything goes well with them.

The lemon tree cattery is born from a passion for Maine coons and we are a family sized cattery.

All of our kittens live with us in our big apartment which make them very sociable and lovely cats.


The health of our Maine Coon is very important for us that is why all of our cats are tested negative for several diseases such as:

HCM, SMA, Pkdef, Fiv/Felv

to make sure that our kitten will be in good health.

Our queens never have more than a litter per year to make sure that they can fully enjoy their time with their kitten and fully recover.

All of our kittens are fully socialized and register to the LOOF (which guarantee that they are pure breed Maine Coon).

They leave our house when they are 3 month old, neutered, vaccinated, with a kitten box that includes pictures of the kitten from when he was born, health test of the parents, food, toys.

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