Our kittens can leave the house only when they are 3 month old, before these age they need to be with their mother to grow healthy.

And it's only at these age that they will be fully sociable.

The kitten that you will adopt grew up with all the love from our family, they will love hugs and kisses.

In our cattery we provide our Maine Coons all the love that we can give them, all the care and dedication to them.




Before they leave the house they will have:

-Pedigree LOOF

-All vaccinations


- Dewormer


They will leave wih:

- Sales contract

-Kitten kit (with kibbles and kitten games)

-Photocopy of the parents health test


-Book of evolution of the kitten



When a kitten is available you can reserve it with a deposit of 30% of the kitten price.

Deposit is not refundable