Our queens

We have actually 2 queens that are old enough to have kittens and two other that will breed in the futur.

Our queens have been selected for their beautiful characteristics (tall ears with tufts of fur on the ends, large and rectangular muzzle, silky fur and a long plume tail)


Mane Coon brown
Chatteie Maine coon

Couleur: Brown Tabby et Blanc

Date de naissance: 12/06/2018

Origine: Russie

Elevage Maine Coon
Chatterie Mane Coon
FR* Edvige

Couleur: Brown Tabby

Date de naissance: 19/12/2016

Origine: France

Chatterie des citronnies
Maine Coon chat
ru* tERRY 

Couleur: Bleu

Date de naissance: 06/12/2018

Origine: Russie

Maine Coon taille
Maine Coon blanc
fr* opaline 

Couleur: White

Date de naissance: 25/12/2018

Origine: France

Maine Coon white